5 good stories meme

I got this Friday/Saturday meme from Kukkahattu.

1. What was your goal when you started your blog? - Mikä oli tavoitteesi kun aloitit blogisi?
Well, I started two blogs. With this one I wanted to write a sort of a net diary which is in English, so that it can be read by friends or strangers abroad as well. The other one Sukututkimus is clearly a theme blog - the purpose was to tell about my discoveries and give good hints for other family researchers.

2. Has it changed since? - Onko tavoitteesi muuttunut tähän päivään mennessä?
Not really. Of course I wanted to post here more often, but it seems that I only have time for once or twice a week.

3. If somebody would like to read only five stories in your blog, which ones would you recommend? - Jos joku haluaisi lukea vain viisi juttua blogistasi, mitä suosittelisit?
In this Daydreaming blog - I would recommend the stories which tell about my dog Jekku
-Dogs and Cats
Brown hare makes the dog cry
Our dog has more toys than a normal child
Goodbye neighbour
Seeing a lot of dentists

4. Is there a blogger, who has succeeded exceptionally well? Onko ketään bloggaajaa jonka blogi mielestäsi onnistunut erikoisen hyvin?
I often read Veloena.

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