"1-2-3-4" meme

Pinseri has started (28th Oct) a new meme "1-2-3-4" - he orders everybody here in Blogistan do the following:

1.Go immediatly and read four different blogs where you haven't been before.
2.Write a comment to three different blogs which you normally don't comment.
3.Write a message in your own blog including links to two different blogs (where you haven't linked before).
4. Order to your blogilista (List of Finnish blogs) favourites a new blog outside top 100 list.
5. Spread information about this meme.

New blogs - OK. I went to see C's blog. It had a nice photo of Virginia-creeper (villiviini).

Then I went to see a blog called "Life between the shoeboxes". The writer of this blog lives in Sydney -- oh, it looks so warm there! The view from her new balcony is very beautiful indeed.

I read some of the stuff Zeta had written in her blog. She used a nice, maybe self-invented Finnish word for a dog "hurttimus".

Then finally I ended up in Randomfire's blog. Not necessarily my piece of cake, but he seems to write an other blog called the life of Jalo (the dog), which was a nice photoblog.

Linking - I actually did that in the first task. But I could add a link to the new Helsingin Sanomat dogpage - where the dog owning journalist write about their dogs. Finnish Lapphund

Why don't we have something similar in my working place? I spoke about blogs with my boss. He didn't seem very interested.

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