Sunday walk in Helsinki

I took this photo while walking last Sunday in the southern part of Vuosaari (called Uutela) in Helsinki. The sea is beautiful, isn't it?
Sea in Helsinki

The coast is rocky and there are some pines, spruces and birches. Also some junipers.
Sunny sea


Prefabricated houses in Finland

People in the US think that prefabricated houses are something for the poor people. Not in Finland. It has nothing to do with a mobile home. Of all the single family houses built in Finland last year 68 percent were wholly or partly pre fabricated.

See yourself.
Look the photos of the Finnish manufacturer Kannustalo.
Take a virtual tour in the house called "Aurora"


Wedding in Kärkölä

This weekend we attended a wedding party in Kärkölä. My husband's cousin got married. It was a cosy wedding with a lot of relatives. The ceremony was held in Kärkölä church. The bride and groom were lucky, weather was so sunny and rather warm.

Today we were first spending some time in Hollola summer house, later in the afternoon we arrived back to Helsinki and did some gardening work.


Easter wishes