Goodbye neighbour !

We heard great news this week. The spinster next door is going to move away. That suits us well. She is a typical complainer, maybe every house has to have one.
We have lived in our home for 9 months now and the moment we arrived she started to complain about our dog. A dog-hating spinster, that is.

My brother thought that he might be interested in the appartment, but he was too late. It was sold instantly. I think this tells a lot about the area, there are mostly villas and detached houses. No appartment blocks.
I just hope that the new neighbours like dogs...

We were at the cinema yesterday. We went to see the William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. It was interesting. Shakespeare makes the women rule the world with there wisdom. Men just follow their instincts like animals.

Al Pacino was good. He always seems to play same types of roles. Either he is a gangster or a bitter aging man like in the Scent of the Woman where he played retired colonel.

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