Brown hare makes the dog cry

This photo was taken last summer on our back yard. You can see the brown hare in front of the rose bush. They somehow went away for the winter. As I understand it, the hares don't really fly to Africa for the winter :-) But, anyway, they were gone.

Well, now the hares are back again. Safe and sound.
The only problem is that the dog goes bezerk when he sees Mr and Mrs Hare. First it's the masculine "wuff" but then starts the wining and crying as if he were saying "I waaaaant to go there, pleeeeease let me go". Obviously he cannot.

Brown hare, last summer Posted by Hello

So, the weekend went just fine celebrating Vappu - the 1st of May. It was chilly outside but so incredibly hot in the Himalaya restaurant. On Saturady evening we took a cab from the railway station and said "to Himalaya please". The taxi driver was a bit amused. Evening ended "almost singing" karaoke in the Old Skipper's. On Sunday we went to see what was happening in Ullanlinna hill and had some picnic with friends. It was cold, but we had coffee and hot chocolate.

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