Playing with the camera

I've been a sort of fed up with the fact that I have taken most of my photos abroad.
I have very little photos of Helsinki, the town I live. Today I decided to change this and took some photos all around where I walked today (which is little because I was mostly working).

And I played a little with my camera, took some photos about the details I saw.october This photo on the right represents well the warm autumn weather we've been having here in Finland this week.
Sun is shining, paving is grey and the leaf is alone.

I've felt myself very busy this week, I've been running around some meetings and seminars and almost missed some dead lines. I'm glad that today is Friday and I can start to relax.

If this good weather continues I think we will go again to the forest to pick some mushrooms and this time we are going to take some of ours friends with us.

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Luke Bland said...

Hello... my name is Luke Bland and I am an american and was recently deported from Finland. I really love reading your blog. It brings back so many memories about Helsinki. I started a blog called "Chasing Helsinki" to journal my journey back to helsinki.


I just received my visa to return to Helsinki. Maybe we'll meet someday.... or maybe not.