Santas arrived

I have been writing with my brother today with messenger. I asked him what he would like me to write to my blog and he asked me to tell about my birthday presents.
Well, to disappoint you, I'm not going to do that -
but if any of these female santas that visited me last weekend happens to read this I want to say a big - a huge thank you!!!!
OK, I can reveal something. My husband bought me a watch. Which was a very nice thing to do. My old one - I've seen too much of it...
This new one is nice, silver and gold coloured stainless steel.

About this messenger. It was the first time ever I used it. I was pleasently surprised. It seemed to be a rather handy way to communicate. I don't think people use it so much here in Finland as they do in U.S. My collegue at work told me that it seemed to be very popular especially among teens in USA when she was living in NY a couple of years ago. But then again, the SMS's aren't so extremely popular in the USA as they are here in Finland.


megan said...

Hi RK,

We are only one year apart in age! I was born in 1971. I actually came across the list of bloggers sorted by date of birth through a google search. I still need to figure out how to do that through blogger. I will let you know as soon as I find out.

Hope you had a good birthday. I celebrated pretty much all weekend. I got a really beautiful present from my husband on thursday. I will try to post pictures of it later on.


sideeyes said...

Actually msn is becoming very popular among teens in Finland too imo!