Not a very surprising result

The results of the presidential elections are clear now. Not very surprising result, so I didn't watch the tv and the counting today so much.

My brother came by later in the evening and we discussed about choirs and singing. He told me that he has joined a new choir. The audition was on Thursday. Good for him, it's a big choir with 80 singers.

Fun with the dog

Jekku, the Finnish lapphund My husband was playing with our dog Jekku on Saturday afternoon. Jekku loves his soft toys. The one in the photo is the cat number 2.
Later in the evening we went with friends to eat in restaurant Wellamo in Helsinki. The food was very nice - it has been a long time since I have eaten Russian pelmens. We used to make them home when we were living in Tallinn between 98-99.
Tomorrow I'm going to vote in the presidential elections. The choice isn't hard to make.


Beautiful morning

Ilmajoki 22.1.2006This photo was taken 22nd January, between 9 and 10 o'clock in the morning.
The sky is always so beautiful in the countryside. This one is from Röyskölä village, Ilmajoki.

It was a nice day at work today. I even felt some sort of enthusiasm and the time just went so smoothly. We had some guests in the evening and later I took the dog for a walk.

Tomorrow I shall go swimming with a friend of mine. It will do good for my aching foot.


Managing the cold - Punatulkkuja talvipakkasessa

bullfinches I'm glad that the period of very cold weather seems to be over today - it's only -7 degrees Celsius (19.4 F) . It was quite cold yesterday -20 degrees C (-4 F). We gave sunflower seeds to bullfinches (punatulkut) - as you can see in the photo- I quess they are both female, because they are not so red. I was once again in Ilmajoki last weekend, I was attending a seminar "Women in History" in Isokyrö.

The last book I've read: Anna Gavalda: Kimpassa (Ensemble, c'est tout) French journalist and author has written a witty novel about 4 people who start live together and learning to care for each other - their life becomes so much better

The last cd I've heard: Mísia: Drama Box
Fado and other songs with heart and strong female voice.


Odd habits - omituiset tavat

I got a task from Veloena. I have to reveal my strange habits, 5 of them. And then I have to send this task to five other persons. I will link the persons to the end of this post and I will notify them with comments about this task. They have to do the same.

"Tehtävänanto: paljastan viisi omituista tapaani. Tämän jälkeen valitsen seuraavat viisi ihmistä, jotka haastan tekemään saman perästä. Heidän tulee myös kirjoittaa nämä säännöt merkintäänsä. Linkitän haastamani ihmiset tämän merkinnän loppuun ja käyn ilmoittamassa heidän kommenttilaatikkoihinsa haasteesta ja tästä merkinnästä."

My strange habits:

1) I store things in plastic bags, even if I don't mean to do this. I guess the problem is, that I don't empty my plastic bags and they begin to form a collection. Yes, secretly I'm Kassi-Alma.

2) I'm drawing fingers when I get bored (like in seminars). Some fingers have long nails and some have rings.

3) I like to sit in National Archive (some might consider it strage but I love it) and go through microfilms including law cases from 17th century Finland.

4) I sing a lot of South Ostrobothnian traditional folk songs when I get drunk.
"...Anssin Jukan puukkoon se painoo
puolitoista naulaa.Sillä se sitten kutkutteli
tuota Pikku-Lammin kaulaa..."

5) I make funny faces when I'm alone in the elevator

I will send this task to Metal Mama, Greygriffin, Narcissa, Hanna&Ida and Ellinoora. I hope they will reveal their own strange habits - because actually it's quite fun...


How many times I have moved?

The car is OK now. We got the battery changed - there was something wrong with the old one.
This week I'm going to start to be active again. Tomorrow I shall have the Swedish lesson with our teacher Carl and on Wednesday I will attend the choir rehearsals.
I wonder when I start the excercises in the Gym - next week perhaps? It's been quite dull to have a long flu. I don't know if I will be able to do anything anymore.

I discovered a new meme:
How many times have you moved homes in your life?

1990 From Southern Ostrobothnia to a student flat in Tapulikaupunki, Helsinki
1993 To another student flat in Vallila, Helsinki Tallinna
1995 To a university town in Southern Germany
1997 To a new flat in Helsinki
1998 To Copenhagen, Denmark

1998 To Tallinn, Estonia
1999 To Southern Ostrobothnia
2000 To Helsinki, a flat in Munkkivuori
2000 To a flat in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki
2004 To a house in Eastern Helsinki

That makes 10 times.


Car trouble

Monday didn't begin very well. I was leaving for Helsinki. I tried to start the car in Ilmajoki but it didn't. Lights came but the engine was still. The battery was so dead.

Luckily I had the cables, so we jump started the engine with the help of my dad's car.

Now I'm a bit tired, 350 km of driving by myself all alone. Just the radio and the dog to keep me company.


Countryside visit

This weekend I've been visiting my parents. My husband was in business trip in USA, so I took the dog and we decided to have some quality timesuomenlapinkoira walking in the middle of the snowy fields.
The weather was nice and sunny. Winter at its best.

I'm sorry but the dog Jekku didn't want to pose for the camera.