Genealogy event

It's Friday. Thank heavens. I'm still at work. Waiting for an aswer to my e-mail.

I should go to my work collagues going away party but on the other hand I have a dog at home who waits to get out. Maybe I go there for few minutes and then hurry home. And this is, if this Mr Big Boss will do the replying - let's say in 10 minutes.

clematisTomorrow I shall have a nice day. I'm going to a genealogy event in Vantaa.

On Sunday I should finally put all the tulip onions etc in the ground.


silja said...

You live in Finland, Helsinki right?!
Monday the 17:th October, 2 days ago, i met this guy, Niko (Miko) or something like that. He lived in Helsinki. We met on the Silja Line boat, he was going to Sthml. He had no hair (shaved), brown shoes, and a grey shirt,around 30 years old, he asked me up to dance and he liked Robbie Williams, thats all the info i got... dont know what to do.... What to do for my "research"??????? Please help me!!

Riikka said...

This sounds like mission impossible. Perhaps you could place an add to www.city.fi