Self-Portrait Meme by Sedis

Sedis would like all of us to join the Self Portrait meme: It has to be a portrait of you, either a drawing or another type of portrait. You can see portraits of Sedis and Anita K here.

It sounds very nice, so I will add mine with a big nose and all.
codaqueen self-portrait Helsinki

It's Monday, but I have to be at work so late as at 11 o'clock. I had a dental appoitment this morning at 8, but it went very smoothly.
Yesterday my brother-in-law and his wife gave me their keyboard for a little while, so I can see, if I need to buy one.
Being in the choir and all, it would be nice to learn the tunes by playing them and singing along.


Ben O. said...

Interesting site - cool art.

Ben O.

Anonymous said...

Liked the site. Wonder what stories come up in your library readings of 17th century law suits. Just curious.

Riikka said...

Nice that you liked it.
I came up with a lot of stuff, some a little bit boring like fighting over some pieces of land (meadows, fields and such), some cases were widows asking the late soldier husband's remaining salary from the farmer, some inheritance cases, some assaults and fights and of course some unfortunate women had had illegitimate relations with some men and a child was born and they were looking for his/her father.