Are rooks evil?

It's quite late and I should be getting to bed. I just finished something I had to do for tomorrow. I could have done it earlier, but you know, when it's boring and for work - well, delaying is what you do. Mañana...

I think I hear some birds singing outside. They have their season of fun and games. I saw fieldfares (räkättirastaita) and some yellowhammers (keltasirkkuja). I live quite near the sea, so we have gulls and mallards as well. I'm not very good with this bird watching thing.

Few days ago I saw some crows. Or actually it was three of them and I quess there were two males competing over a female. Here are few jackdaws (naakkoja) as well, they look a little like crows.

I know a place where there are always a lot of rooks (mustiavariksia). It gives me the creeps. It's somehow like in some Hitchcock movie, rooks seem a bit evil.

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