New Ibiza

Our trip to Tallinn and Saaremaa, Estonia last weekend went just fine. We met our friends and had nice time together.

Saturday evening we had dinner in restaurant called "Paat" in Viimsi near Tallinn. It's pretty unusual, like a ship turned upside down. I ate butterfish with cooked potatoes. Very good!
Later we went to wine bar, which in Tallinn are real unlike in Helsinki (In Tallinn you can actually buy bottles from there - in Helsinki, no way!).

There was some big growds of young British men walking around the city and making big noise like it was somekind of new Ibiza for them. This was something quite new. We heard that it's been happening ever since Ryanair started flights from London to Tallinn. The Estonians don't really like Finnish "beer" turists. They called us "poro" which means reindeer. However we were told that it might be that they nowadays dislike the British lads even more. In some restaurant windows it was written that "no big growds allowed" - I quess it means no Brits please.

Sunday we left with a bus to Saaremaa island to meet our former Estonian teacher. She had a lovely small villa and beautiful garden in Kuressaare, which is the principal town in Saaremaa island. We visited the local castle, which I would call in Finnish "Linna linna" - a real castle, where you could imagine some knights in armours and ladies in distress.

Well, after some fun comes work and no play. I have had quite much to do this week at work making the supplement about real estate. Producing means doing it all by yourself this time.
Afterwards I ended up searching some web sites and ended up in CB Richard Ellis web page. It's
the world's largest commercial real estate services firm. I noticed that their current CEO Ray(soon to be changed for a younger man called Brett) has a Finnish last name Wirta. It would be nice to find out if he really has some Finnish roots.

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