Handkerchiefs and a slight cold

I resent working when I'm sick. I feel like I'm placed in the midst of a heavy cloud.
Well, I only have a slight cold, sore throat and that sort of things. Still, it's making me ineffective. And who dares to be ineffective in these days?

I sometimes wonder how things used be in the good old days. Was there a constant rush, did everybody had to-do lists which are almost immense? Or was it quiet and unhurried? Did the chief said that just take your time with this or was it "I want it yesterday".

I'm going to see my mother next weekend. We have a mothers day. I can't decide what to bring her. Maybe she would like a pink or light blue hydrangea (which we in Finland called "Hortensia"). Or then I could buy her a rhododendron. Let's see what I find.

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