Jekku, today's birthday hero

I have already written quite much about my dog, so I thought I must show him to you. Besides, it's his birthday today.
He was born 6th of May in Hämeenkyrö, Finland.

I remember well the day when we drove to take him home. The car trip was so difficult for him, we had to stop several times. We tried to avoid the highway and the trip, that normally would take us about 3 hours, took 6 long hours.
He hasn't been so fond cars ever since. One could say that he is pretty reluctant.

I just might buy him a nice bone today...

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cat said...

Hi! I have a Finnish Lapphund as well. I am in canada and I found your blog through blogger. I adore this breed of dog, and I just thought I'd say hello. :)

The blog you find though my profile is for my wedding (which my dog is in!) buit if you'd like to see more dog photos you can go here: www.beyondelsewhere.ca.