Trip to past - Estonia here we come!

I have an exiting weekend ahead. We are going to Estonia to meet old friends. We lived for a year in Tallinn (1998-1999) and I'm sure travelling there will bring back some good old memories.

You begin to see and sense the city differently when you actually live there, not just visit it as a tourist. You know where to shop, where's the best gym and which taxis are the most loyable and priceworthty. You know where to go and not to go.

I remember I used to watch the local police tv frequently, and I must admit I became a bit paranoid and afraid of potential thiefs and robbers. Nothing ever happened, not even in Kopli area, but I was still very cautious.

This time we are going to spend some time in Tallinn and then we are going to visit Saarenmaa island, where our former Estonian teacher lives. Let's see if I still can speak some Estonian, it's pretty close to Finnish language but has it's difficulties as well.

Before we go, I should buy some kind of gift to our teacher. Buying souvenirs or gifts to someone you haven't seen in many years is truly a difficult task.

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