Who visits me?

Kiinni jäit!!!
Koska luet tätä tekstiä, se tarkoittaa että sinun täytyy kommentoida. Kommentoi ihan mitä haluat, kunhan teet sen. Laita tämä teksti omaan blogiisi ja nappaa kaikki blogiasi lukevat.
Itse jäin kiinni Hannan judanssit-blogissa.

You are caught!!!
Because you are reading this post, that means that you also have to comment. You can comment whatever you like, as long as you just comment. Put this text to your own blog and catch everybody reading your blog. I was caught reading "Hannan judanssit" blog.


Agkyra said...

You caught me! I'm enjoying reading about your travels around Europe and in the U.S., and about your genealogical encounters with distant relatives. I hope to visit Finland and Scandinavia before very long. The north holds an uncanny appeal for me. As it happens, I haven't even been as far north as Ithaca!

A friend of mine at university is a Finn (although he sounds like an American to me!), Jukka by name. And, in case you couldn't tell that he was Finnish due to his perfect American accent, he always wears some kind of Finnish sports jersey.

Happy New Year!

Riikka said...

Nice to have you here. Happy New Year 2007 to you too!

Ray said...


read your comment on the "peaceful turmoil" site

happy new year!