Photobook ( kuvakirja )

I sent today an order to Ifi, which is a Finnish photo service. But not just ordinary digital photos. I wanted to make life easier. I used the possibility to make a book of my photos (kuvakirja). The book has 36 pages and over 100 photos and some texts that I have written. And it was fairly easy to make with a program I could download from their site.

I got this idea from Kelli, who is Rick's wife in Salt Lake City. And Rick is my relative. Kelli and Rick had been in NYC and made this hardcovered book of their holiday photos. It was really nice and professional looking. Kelli told me a name of this American photo making service. But I'm in Finland now, so I checked which ones do offer the similar kind of service.

Ifi's photobook "kuvakirja" starts at pocket size 6,95 euros to hardcover deluxe models, which start at 29,95 euros. Until 60 pages and 360 photos.
Extrafilm.fi has somekind of "kuvakirja" but doesn't say how much
Colorkolmio advertises new possibility: "kuvakirja", but doesn't say how much
Colormailer says you can order "albumit" beginning from 9,50 euros. Hardcover deluxe versions start at 29,95. Until 50 pages.
Fujikuvat tells also that their novelty is "kuvakirja" but how much and where is bit unclear.
Kuvakirja.fi makes like the names tell you - books of photos. They start at 26,35 euros, but if you order more the price drops. 20-100 pages.

Anne-Riitta told me that she had tried Multikuva. She said that the hard covered book was fine and paper was of good quality.

And of course, there are many European photo services that have photobooks. The shipping charges can be a little bit more than in Finland, but if you are lucky you can find something with very nice quality and prices. Just write to Google "photobook" and see what happens.

I have to say, I really would like some more price competition in photobooks in Finland. The photo services could also put their prices in their internet pages.

If this photobook is going to be a success and doesn't fail me, for example in quality, I'm never going to buy a normal album in my life again. It is such a dull work of sticking or glueing your photos to the albums.


otto said...

Apple has it own possibility for photobooks and photocasting too. Though I´ve never tried them.

It would be nice to hear from your experience with ifi.

Marcia said...

Hi Riikka

Thanks for visiting my blog - how did you find me?

Have a great 2007!

Wow - you're my first commenter from Finland!

Riikka said...

Thank you Otto, for your suggestion of Apple. Unfortunately I don't have an Apple computer - but this might be a good way of making photobooks for those who do. I will sure tell in this blog how my Ifi-photobook worked out.