Getting rid of Cingular

When I spent my three months in the USA last fall I had a Cingular connection in my mobile phone. Pay as you go - prepaid connection.

Which wasn't always that fun. It never worked inside big buildings in Ithaca. Neither did it work any where in the countryside near Ithaca. It did, however, work very well in New York City.

Well, now the AT&T has told that Cingular ceases to be.

Vanishes all together and is replaced by AT&T.

New York Times says following: " One of the biggest “de-brandings” in advertising history is to begin Monday when AT&T starts changing all Cingular marketing to adopt the AT&T name."

Goodbye Cingular.

Something about the subject in Finnish from Digitoday. I was a little bit ahead, I must say.

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