Language problem

I have been wondering. This blog is in English, but should I write in Finnish as well?

(Haluaisitteko hyvät blogini lukijat, että kirjoittaisin tätä englannin lisäksi myös suomeksi? Jos niin, niin miten?)

If yes, then how should I do that?

Few lines in English and few in Finnish? Or every other post in Finnish and every other in English? Same text translated or different text?

Or not at all? Just in English. Or maybe something in German? Estonian? Swedish?
To be or not to be....

It's just that I have a Finnish blog called Sukututkimus www.sukututkimus.blogspot.com. But this blog is strictly about genealogy (searching your ancestors and that stuff).

This weekend we were visiting my parents-in-law at their vacation home in Hollola. The weather was bright and sunny. The dog enjoyed, except the moment when the cat (called Nasu) decided to hit him with his pawn.


Anonymous said...

Sä voisit kirjoittaa molemmilla kielillä niin että suomeksi pääosin ja englanniksi

F R A G M E N T S said...

Yes, you'd better write in Finish to preserve this language, and in the case you're visited by foraigners like me you could make a ling to a web translator. Remember that English shouldn't kill the variety of languages in the world.http

Riikka said...

Dear "Fragments", you are quite right that we shoud preserve Finnish language in the internet.

I thought that I am doing that with my other blog "Http://sukututkimus.blogspot.com". Which is entirely in Finnish.

With this Daydreaming in Helsinki -blog the story is somewhat different.

There is only one free web translator that I know of that translates from Finnish to English. And frankly, it doesn't succeed well at all. Finnish is not an Indo-European language, so it doesn't translate well into English (this means you wouldn't understand a thing in my blog if it was in Finnish).

I'm not prepared to write only in Finnish because 53 percent of my "Daydreaming in Helsinki" blog's visitors are in fact from some other country than Finland. 20 percent come from the USA, 7 % from Canada ja 6 % from Australia.

frechaberlieb said...

I would like you to continue in English! Adding some Finnish here and there might be nice and interesting though.

I was searching for a blog about Helsinki, maybe written by different people with different backgrounds. Haven't found one yet.

Keep on the good work!