Weekend plans - inviting a cook for dinner

Weekend is just one hour away. It's going to be interesting.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a dream house our friends have bought in Espoo near Helsinki. It's an old so called Terijoki villa with over 200 squere meters and three floors. It's going to be a nice home for them, their three children and two dogs.

Terijoki is a former Finnish town - nowadays in Russia, 50 kilometres from Saint Petersburg and called Zelenogorsk. It was famous sea resort before the war and it was known with its beautiful wooden villas. When the times got a bit restless after Russian revolution 1917 the owners started to take them (villas) down and set them up again in other towns in Finland. I could say this was fortunate, because later the most of the villas in Terijoki were destroyed in the winter and continuation war.

Friends' house in Espoo Posted by Hello

Sunday we have invited a cook and his wife for dinner. The cook is an acquaintance of my husband. It's sort of funny to cook for a cook. Let's see how it turns out.

My brother called and he is going to stop by. I promised to give him the four maples that grow in the wrong place in the middle of the rose bushes. He has his own forest, so he can plant them there.

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