First names in my family

My grandmothers: Elmi Helena and Helmi Sofia
My grandfathers: Viljo Johannes and Unto Johannes

My great grandmothers: 2 x Maria, Hilma Sofia and Sanni
My great grandfathers: Juho, Sameli, Matti and Eino

My grandparents' grandmothers: 3 x Susanna, 2 x Hedvig, Hedvig Sofia, Anna-Lisa, Helena
My grandparents' grandfathers: 4 x Juho (Johan), Salomon Henrik, Niilo, Tuomas (Thomas), Jaakko (Jakob)

It's funny that Susanna and Hedvig seem to be quite popular in my family, also Juho is very common. You might also notice that the name Sofia as a second first name is a sort of a tradition in my grandmother's family. Helmi Sofia's mother is Hilma Sofia and her mother is Hedvig Sofia.

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