Brother and maples

My brother stopped by today to get the maples from our garden.

He couldn't take them all because the roots were already so deep, so he only took some of the younger ones. It will be fun to see if they grow in the forest 350 kilometres north from here. But well, why wouldn't they.

The maple that grows here in Finland (Acer platanoidesis, in Finnish metsävaahtera) is not the same as in North America (Acer saccharum, in Finnish sokerivaahtera).

My husband travelled to Scotland for a conference and I asked him to bring us some single malt whiskey. He complained that we haven't drunk the whiskies we already have. This is because we very seldom drink any strong alcohol. Also the beer will be left untouches these days. We have become wine people, but not very sophisticated ones. I prefer warmhearted South African wines to elegant Bordeaux or Bourgogne wines.

So maybe he just brings some tea and lemon curd.

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