Gossips and Cleaning

Today at work I did a story about one CEO and his views of the future, but I quess most of my time I spent cleaning my desk. You couldn't imagine the piles of papers that are trying to collapse over me.
There was of course a good reason for this cleaning mania. I will start my holiday after one week and one of those "summer people" is going to invade my desk when I'm gone. I don't want to be responsible for the accident with heavy year reports.

I also had lunch with a friend of mine - and oh, the amount of gossiping! Anyway, it was very nice to see her and have a chance to talk freely.

Pretty soon it's time to go to the French lesson again, this will be the last one. The course is very short, yet intesive. Suggestopedia has meant singing, sitting in armchairs and a lot of interaction with other people. I still feel that I should learn more. I think I will continue next fall and take the same course as my husband.

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