April, the cruelest of the months

Went to see old Porvoo (Borgå) today. It's amazing to have an old wooden town so near Helsinki. We went to eat to this snail restaurant the former Miss Finland runs. Quite nice. Food was tasty and chardonnay was excellent.

My dog is dreaming - you can tell, he's very quietly barking and a little bit restless in his sleep. Some dogs run while asleep. Don't know if my dog runs, he doesn't move his legs though.

Spoke with my colleague at work about poetry. Ended up with TS Eliot and C. Aitken. Then I remembered I haven't written any poems here. And I probably wont - my poetry is sort of dead. I rather cite someone else.

.. a car crawls slowly across the plain
in the dim light the radio blares jazz
the heartbroken salesman lights another cigarette..."
-A. Ginsberg-

Would like to have one now. right now. A cigarette, the flaming end.
Miss the tango with alfa. nirvana mornings. Ardilla.

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