Between winter and spring

I like Fridays - it does however mean that I have two whole days just for me and my family. It's been nice week at work, but nothing special has happened. The pope was elected and Nokia did good in Q1. That's about it.

Next week I'm going to meet two nobelists. Let's see how that turns out.

Funerals last week went fine. I found out that my husband's grandmother used to write columns in some newspapers. I wonder why I haven't heard about it before. I knew she was very artistic and painted, but I didn't know about her literary hobbies. I never met her, because she died in 1970's.

The spring time is amazing - it's like the stock markets this week, very volatile.
Last weekend we had about 15 degrees celsius and the sun was shining and then suddenly few days ago the wind started blowing from North Pole and we had snow. I'm worried how my violets will do.

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