Fun in the dog park

We went with our dog Jekku ( Finnish Lapphund ) to a dog park here in Eastern Helsinki today. It was a pretty day, but a bit cold. A lot of people were cross country skiing around Vartiokylä bay.

I made a video of Jekku in the dog park. Just press play!

As you can see, our Jekku won his racism against mopsi type (=pug type) of dogs...

See a larger video in YouTube.

Olimme Jekku-koiran kanssa Puotilan koirapuistossa käymässä. Vaikka sää oli kirpeä, niin hiihtäjiä piisasi. Paljon ihmisiä perheineen oli myös Vartiokylänlahden jäällä. Mietimme, että kestääkö jää jo tarpeeksi hyvin. Valkamissa näytti hyvinkin ohuelta. Jekku tapasi koirapuistossa Sallin ja voitti rasisminsa lyttynaamaisia koiria kohtaan. Lisää voit katsoa videosta yllä. Paina vain play tai katso video isompana YouTubesta.

As you can see, I have added a text in Finnish to this post. I shall be doing that also in the future, because clearly at least some of the readers want me to write in Finnish as well. More discussion about this in my earlier post.

Kirjoitan nyt siis tässä blogissa aina muutaman rivin myös suomeksi, koska jotkut lukijat siihen houkuttelivat. Enemmän keskustelua asiasta aiemmassa postauksessani.


dmflower said...

Hello from Grand Rapids, MN USA
I am excited to find a Finn!
My grandparents came from Finland.
I do genealogy.
My grandparents were born in 1887 and 1889
Henry Rahko - from Rantsila
Selma Maria Jarvi - from Ylistaro
I was little when they died.
I was young (13) when my mother died.
so....I'm learning about my Finnish roots.
I have contacted some cousins.
I am struggling to find more on my grandmother from Ylistaro.
so...I've been searching the Net on anything Finnish.
It is late here and I need to get up early, but, I hope to read through your blog - I just signed up for mine tonight.
Denean Flower (41) divorced three years, two sons 22 and 16.
love photography,genealogy, Bible
work with developmental disabled.

Ryan said...

hello, Im sorry to contact you this way but i could not find some way to email you. I found a wonderful picture on google you took or Winter Quarters, Utah near the Scofield Mine Disaster, I can see that you may have family who lived or died there due to
your heritage. I live in utah and wanted to find GPS cordanates to the mine or at least some good directions. if you can be of any help please email me @ bergdh@gmail.com

Riikka said...

Denean, nice to hear from you. If you send me the birthdate of your grandmother Selma I might be able to look her up for you in the church books.

I was born in the neighbouring town of Ylistaro.

Riikka said...

Ryan, I shall e-mail you. My grandmother's great aunt lived in Scofield and her husband was working in Winter Quarters. He didn't go to work when the mine exploded 1 May 1900, but his brother did.

Katherine said...

I think it's wonderful that you are thinking about adding some bilingual posts. Thanks! I would definitely like to learn some Finnish.

I thought I would share the address of a French/English cooking blog that I follow. I think she does a good job of providing a little bit of each language:

Riikka said...

Thank you Katherine! Have a nice day where ever you are!

Cordelia said...

Hello Riika,

I am not of Finnish descent, but would like to visit Finland some day. I also love the sound of the Finnish language and hope to one day speak it (I have learned a few phrases and the numbers so far). I thought you would want to know (because I would want to get it right) that I think, in your post here about Jekku that you mean he won "his race against ____ dogs." I can't figure out "mopsi." In English, if you challenge someone, you race "against" them. If you race "toward" someone, you are running "to" them.
Thank you for a look at your life in Finland. Sincerely, Cordelia

Riikka said...

Thank you Cordelia, my English is far from perfect. My mother tongue is Finnish. Mopsi is Finnish and means "pug".

Cordelia said...

If one day my Finnish is as good as your English, it will be a fine day. And now I've learned how to say "pug" in Finnish ! That word is not on the beginner's list of vocabulary words :-). Kiitos. Cordelia