Genealogy in Seinäjoki

I am waiting the working day to end.
Then I'm heading for a train that will transfer me from
Helsinki to Seinäjoki.

Tomorrow I'm attending a family research or genealogy event in Seinäjoki.
This is my dearest hobby and I'm hoping to meet a lot of friends and strangers.
Relatives as well.... I'm also going to follow some interesting speeches about old maps
and farmers as court members in 18th century Finland.

I wonder if I'm going to catch the moment of blue in the train. It's so pretty, the Finnish countryside with the snow, when the twilight comes.


Katherine said...

I just found your blog yesterday. THANK YOU so much for writing!

My great grandparents (the family of my father's mother) were born in Finland. If you search the HisKi project marriage records from Isokyro for Jaakko Renko and Vilhelmina Hakala you will find them.

My parents and I are traveling to Finland for the first time in June. I am counting the days until the trip.

Thanks again for the great blog.

Riikka said...

I found them there in HisKi, but also in www.sukujutut.fi/sukuraitti
where Finnish researchers have their genealogy databases. I can see that you belong to the same family as I, Luoma - Mielty family.
Our common ancestors are Henrik (=Heikki) Luoma (later Mielty) and his wife Karin (=Kaisa) Antintytär (Anders' daughter). Both are born in the late 17th Century in Ilmajoki, Finland (Ilmajoki here is larger than nowadays). Your ancestor is their son Juho and mine is his brother Simo.

I also checked that we have some other common ancestors like Maria Reini b. 1699 and her husband Jaakko Hoppa b.1698. Both from Isokyrö.

My mother comes from Isokyrö.

You might want to check the Luoma-Mielty family society web site. It's here: Family society. Unfortunately it's in Finnish. But I'm sure they would like to know about you and your family.

Katherine said...

First: Have a great vacation in Greece! My parents are going in May. I hope I can visit there eventually.

Second: Thank you so much for your prompt response! I am thrilled to find out that we are cousins. The fact that your mother is from Isokyrö is very interesting. We are planning to spend two or three days there when we visit Finland in June.

The Sukujutu web site was challenging for me. Do you know if there is a gedcom file available for the family of Jaakko Renko? That would be so incredible.

It would be great if we could write each other more when you get back from your vacation. If you like, please e-mail me at kstjohnmd@yahoo.com.

I looked at your other blogs and I read a few town names that I recognize. I have connections to Ashtabula, Ohio (thanks for the photo of the Edgewood cemetery), Ithaca, New York, and Washington, D.C. I would be happy to explain in more detail through direct e-mail.

Take care. Hope to read another letter from you soon!

Kri Stine said...

Hi! Luckily enough; daydreaming is still for free :)

I am asking for your help. A man in my tribe, MARTIN FREDRIK OLSEN, was born FEBRUARY 4, 1848 in BOTNE, VESTFOLD (county) here in NORWAY. In the book from the place where he came from, I read that he was a seaman, came to Kotka and married a Finnish lady. That is all the information that I have.
I hope that someone PLEASE can find out who she was, when they married, if they had children, and so on. And it would be GREAT to have family in Finland, too :)
PLEASE send me an e-mail, also if you have any ideas of where I can send this search. Thank you and hopefully greetings from Kristine