Managing the cold - Punatulkkuja talvipakkasessa

bullfinches I'm glad that the period of very cold weather seems to be over today - it's only -7 degrees Celsius (19.4 F) . It was quite cold yesterday -20 degrees C (-4 F). We gave sunflower seeds to bullfinches (punatulkut) - as you can see in the photo- I quess they are both female, because they are not so red. I was once again in Ilmajoki last weekend, I was attending a seminar "Women in History" in Isokyrö.

The last book I've read: Anna Gavalda: Kimpassa (Ensemble, c'est tout) French journalist and author has written a witty novel about 4 people who start live together and learning to care for each other - their life becomes so much better

The last cd I've heard: Mísia: Drama Box
Fado and other songs with heart and strong female voice.

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