Cheese salad with some fruit

It's Sunday, and pretty soon it's going to rain.
I'm sad. It's the last day of my vacation. Do I really have to wait another year to have this feeling of freedom again?

Why I can't be a child again, without responsibilities? to wait and not to remeber. Not trying to stop the time, but encouraging it to fly.

I have been reading some Finnish food and recipe blogs. Nice idea. I began to think that I could share one of my recipies as well. Cheese salad with some fruit - I make it quite often.

Cheese salad with some fruit (for 4 people)

-some lettuce
-some lollo rosso
-6 fresh plums
- 1 apple,
- 2 kiwi fruit
- 200 g blue cheese
- 200 g Finnish cream cheese (or gouda)

sauce: 0,75 dl olive oil, 0,25 dl vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar, oregano

Slice everything and pour the sauce on top.

Hedelmäinen juustosalaatti (4 annosta)

1 ruukkusalaatti
1 ruukku lollo rosso -salaattia
6 tuoretta luumua
1 omena
2 kiiviä
200 g sinihomejuustoa
200 g kermajuustoa


· 0,75 dl ruokaöljyä
· 0,25 dl viinietikkaa
· suolaa, pippuria ja sokeria
· oreganoa


Sari said...

Teehee, this is the first recipe ever with plumes! Can one use feathers, too?
(nitpickers never sleep)

Found your blog by visiting Sedis's.

Cordelia said...

Where have you gone ? Your salad recipe worked very well, and now not a word since the end of your vacation. Are you that depressed, that busy, or both ? Hope all is well.