Trip to Loviisa and Ruotsinpyhtää

We travelled on Sunday to Pernaja, Loviisa and Ruotsinpyhtää. It was a nice weather, sunny and a bit warm. We ate lunch in Loviisa and later went to Ruotsinpyhtää. In Ruotsinpyhtää there are old iron works, part of which is nowadays a museum. Also some craft worker's shops. Some history of the Ruotsinpyhtää (in Swedish Strömfors) iron works here.

The most interesting thing I heard was that the iron works was run by a women Virginia af Forselles. She inherited the farm from her husband and ran it over 50 years.

In Pernaja graveyard I found a big family grave that belongs to family called "von Born". There was also a grave of the grandmother of former Swedish prime minister Olof Palme. She was Hanna Maria Palme, maiden name von Born (1861-1954).

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