Thursday - holiday

I have been in the garden today. I changed the places of some plants and planted the Dahlias my husband brought from Holland. It's a little bit late for the already, but on the other hand they don't tolerate frost very well. The little apple tree seems to have these little insects once again ...

And there are snails in the garden. I read somewhere that you should kill them in vinegar water and throw back to forest. Any other good methods for killing the snails?
Little hyacinths
Garden looks very spring-like. Tulips, hyacinths and such.

My husband went out with his friends, so I'm here alone with the dog. I suspect I'm going to watch some telly this evening. Maybe this tv serie called Lost. See what comes from Finnish television.


Edward said...

Snails can be killed with a bit of beer poured in a saucer and set out for them.
Also a little circular flint mound around the base of your plants will do.
You could catch them, keep them in a bin and feed them carrots and lettuce for a week and then cook them a la francaise (I did this once and it was not too bad).
It is too bad there is no way not to kill them because they are a bit cute and appear to have an odd kind of inquisitive character when looked at up close. Or maybe that's just me.
Your blog is very nice reading. Thank you.

Riikka said...

Thank you Edvard for a good hint. I quess beer will do the same as the vinegar water.