Replacing violets

After 2 weeks in France plus one week in Western Finland I finally came home.
It's been sunny and hot here in Helsinki as well. Unfortunately my violets didn't survive without me. They were so very dead.

I had to buy some new flowers. It's nicer that way. Besides I'm having guests from Germany later this week. Don't want them to have only dead violets to see.

So I went to Plantagen store. There weren't much summer flowers left, but I did bought some Marguerite Daisy (Argyranthemum frutescens, Marketta), pink Busy Lizzies
(Impatiens walleriana, Ahkeraliisa) and blue Lobelias (Lobelia

House was a mess, so we are actually in the middle of the cleaning process. I did the toilets - as always.

The dog doesn't like the heat at all. He doesn't even want to walk very far, I don't blame him, his undercoat is just only starting to fall. And he has very thick fur as Finnish Lapphund ( Suomenlapinkoira ) does.

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