Blueberries in Sipoo

I went with my husband and my dog Jekku to pick some blueberries today. My husband told that he had seen them while jogging with the dog in Sipoo. And it was good day for picking some berries, the sun was shining and the forest in Sipoo was warm but not too hot.
Afterwards we watched a video film. Stepford wifes - it was quite funny with Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close and Christopher Walkman, Betty Midler etc.
It makes me think, do men really want such perfect wifes? I hope not.
My husband is currently reading The Handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood and the film made him think of the book. You know, a woman is only known with a man's name. In Stepford wifes - all the wifes were just Mrs Walter Kresbys or something similar. The sad thing is that it's so true. And besides, why do we women change our last names when we get married? Well, at least I did.

This is the last day of my holiday, so tomorrow it shall be just all work and no play... you know what they say, it makes me a dull girl.


Ally said...

I didn't change my name, I hyphenated. But the hyphenation is sooooo long that I've just started using my husband's. I feel slightly odd about it - but less odd than I though.

Thanks for the memory meme link! It's fun to do and fun to read other people's :).

Riikka said...

After 4 years the last name already feels like my own. But still, why don't the men take our names? I know only one man who took his wife's name and only one man who uses double name.