Waiting for a good mushroom season

It has rained a lot in Helsinki recently. So I am sort of hoping that edible mushrooms can soon be found in nearby forests. I went to see earlier this month, but was a bit dissapointed because forest was almost empty and dry.

In July I was in Kuopio and bought this beautiful, big mushroom basket from the market place. It has four sections for four different kind of mushrooms. My favourite is of course porcini.

Very typical in Finnish forests is also golden chantarelle. Later in the fall you can find black chantarelles and yellow foot chantarelles.


Broke But Still Drinking said...

Do they pay well to pick mushrooms in Helsinki?

Riikka said...

I have never sold any mushrooms, I have used them myself. Helsinki is not a popular area for picking mushrooms commercially. The mushrooms that are sold are usually picked in the Eastern Finland. The price what you can get from porcini is about 1,5-6 euros/kilo.

Denise Alvarado said...

Riikka - You have not updated your blog in quite a while (actually, I haven't either) - just checking in to wish you a Happy New Year!

your distant American relative