Ten other Riikkas and their blogs

I went to see if I can find other Riikkas in the internet - and I did.
Here is a list containing 10 other Riikka blogs:

  1. Af-riikka
  2. Dream hunter
  3. Riikkasbags
  4. La la love you
  5. Project Hapsi
  6. Pyöräilyhitit
  7. Riikan neulesivut
  8. Minä suojelen sinua kaikelta
  9. Sometimes I miss you so much
  10. Riikan -

The blogs are in random order, so this is not a top list. I am just truly amazed how brilliant women the Riikkas of the world are. It must be the name :-)

I urge you to go to check them, all are different from each other and there's all kinds of things to be learned.


Anonymous said...

Queen of which kingdom, mam? ;) How did you choose your user name - is there a story behind this name "codaqueen" or does it have a deeper meaning to you personally?

Riikka said...

It's from the Doors song "Easy Ride". Just a good song, nothing else.