Dog show

I went to dog show last weekend here in Helsinki. This video is from there. It was a nice show, I went to see the agility races. They are always much fun.

My husband got back from the USA today. Safe and sound.
The dog was very happy and so was I. There's a small Christmas tree in our living room. I thought it might be nice to have at least a small one. It brings you that Christmas feeling.


Diane said...

Hey! I'm glad you both made it home ok. I found a really neat website to work on my Finnish... now I have toget enough for a littel conversation you can "correct" for me when I call. i am still trying to fit in time to create my blog page. well, it's only been 2 1/2 months since I said I would...Love ya,my world traveling cousin!! Di

Riikka said...

Hi Diane, I hope you had a nice Christmas. I know, time just flies. Doesn't it? The weather here in Finland has been exceptionally warm, all these rainy days and no snow. And it's already January. The flowers in my garden think it's the spring time already. It's all green and strange.
More photos here.