Funny things

The concert went fine.
All hesitation and excitement dissappeared at the moment when I came to the consert hall. Everybody was in a good mood, the singers and the audience.

This week I've been wrapping Christmas presents. My husband has seen the huge package I've bought for him, but he doesn't know what's inside. It's something practical, as always. That much I can reveal but not more - just in case that he happens to read this.

The funniest thing is that our dog Jekku has already find all his Christmas gifts.

We had bought him a soft toy (he loves them). One day it just lay on the floor, all wet and dog was behind the chair hiding.

Some days ago my husband's brother gave us his presents in a plastic bag and Jekku's gift was on top. The bag was lying on the floor and as we arrived back home, we saw that he had opened the grey coloured wrappings.

A small plastic bag full of little artificial bones was in the middle of the floor, one side open and you could see that several bones had faced their destiny....
Poor little dog with an upset stomach.

Well, it's nothing that a carrot casserole (porkkanalaatikko) wouldn't cure.

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j0edz said...

the doggy is so cute...